ROLE:  Executive Producer


YEAR:  2019

LOCATION:  Chicago, Boston, NYC, Miami, LA


PUMA has a fantastic history of experiential activity and creative consumer engagement. The PUMA fitness tour involved engaging some of the brand's biggest influencers to show up and teach an one of a kind fitness class to lucky participants.

Project managing the fabrication, logistics and pre-planning of the events to a strict budget, I dealt with some challenging venues including a pier in NYC that required am overnight build and cross loading of equipment, and the roof of a 5-story parking lot in LA with strict weight loading parameters. 

Having designed the structures and obtained engineering stamps for each of the states on the tour (including notoriously stringent Chicago), the next challenge was to figure out how to ensure the event could be made totally power independent owing to the lack of shore power in a number of venues.

Following some research and numerous power consumption calculations, I settled on portable power stations from Goal Zero. These easily transportable units provided the 5 hours of power needed for televisions, wireless PA system, juice bars and water coolers, and neatly avoided additional labor that would have been required to cable each of the items to shore power where it existed.

See the PUMA fitness tour teaser video