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Field Notes Issue #1

My last attempts at blog posts, pre-COVID, seem utterly naive at this point. I'm starting Field Notes as a way of doing something in a way I want to do it, rather than adhering to the 'top 10 tips to writing lead generating content for your business'.

This will henceforth be a series of sporadic writings. They'll not be here to answer anything, or provide 'thought leadership', or highlight other things/people/people/posts/content. They'll be short, fast musings. If they make sense, all the better. I'll try and answer a question now and then if someone feels like asking one.

With the shift to virtual events it feels like I've started re-learning a trade from scratch. What's been interesting in the past couple of weeks has been the discovery of live streaming as a culture, as I've sought to understand how to work with a remote team to produce live and pre-recorded video without the use of control rooms or studios. I feel like I've walked in to the street, lifted a manhole, and glimpsed in to a world occupied by people younger than myself (though I wouldn't necessarily class myself as 'old' quite yet) . They use apps like Discord (I'm a convert) and work OBS Studio as if it was another limb.

I am learning, and have a lot to learn, from the streaming generation. I've always seen event management as a mindset rather than a skill, one that quickly embraces new ways of doing things if it means doing it cheaper, faster, safer and better. The pragmatism of 'live streaming'...individuals running twitch channels, whilst operating functions that would normally take the skills of a 4 or 5 person broadcast crew...it's impressive.

They don't care about codecs, they care about content.


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