• What do you actually do? What can you do for me?
    At the most basic level, I am a project manager that specializes in business operations. I can deliver multiple event, video, business transformation or consulting projects end to end, simultaneously, ensuring they are on budget, on time, and/or on your objectives. I am typically the center point of the endeavor, sourcing, guiding and directing disciplines and suppliers that may include technical production, creative design, marketing, sponsorship, sales, data analysis, on site teams, staffing and strategy. Most often I build one or more of: initial plans, budgets, strategies and concepts myself before drawing in additional support as required. Sometimes I support on just one aspect for clients, or give specific advice based on previous experiences. In addition, I am able to build business strategies that may include draft budgets, financial projections, outline site plans, marketing plans, project timelines, market research and programming & content ideas.

  • How do you charge?
    I am flexible based on the needs of the project, and can work on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.

  • My event needs a team, not just one person. Can you help me?
    Putting together a project team is one of the core services I can provide. I have a solid black book of talented contacts to suit every need. Engineers, stage managers, bar staff, talent wranglers, fabricators all included.

  • Can you help me find suppliers for my project?
    Yes, and this is one of the advantages of hiring a freelancer as opposed to an agency. I can quickly identify the right supplier for the job without being beholden to any one company. Those might be highly specialized, talented suppliers that consistently work for ‘household name’ agencies and white label their services. I prefer to use suppliers that actually deliver what they sell, as opposed to those that subcontract work.

  • What types of event projects do you specialize in?
    I specialize in outdoor events and those in non-traditional event venues where a higher level of production skill and experience is required. I mostly work on events where the general public are the intended audience, such as public festivals, launches, exhibitions, event hospitality, entertainment properties, special events, tours, experiential marketing or brand activations. I also have particular expertise in revenue generating events in the entertainment field. 

  • Do you carry insurance?
    Yes, I carry professional and general liability insurance of $2.5m with the ability to extend this to suit particular circumstances.

  • I know what I want to achieve on paper, but don’t know what my eventual product should be. Can you help?
    Almost certainly. I’m familiar with many different formats and adept at managing the creative process. I can identify what the best route (or routes) might be to meet your objectives. Moving on from that, I can develop initial budgets, plans and timelines based on expertise and a library of information.

  • I’m a long way down the line with my project and I need someone to jump in at the last minute, or on the ground. Can you do that?
    Yes, depending on the circumstances and provided we both feel I can help.

  • I want to sponsor an event, media property, sport or similar. Do you have experience negotiating sponsorship packages?
    Very much so. I have been on both sides of the fence when it comes to sponsor engagement. I can help drive value for all parties through creative ideas and knowledge of the principles of package valuation. I also have experience conceiving and delivering sponsorship activations. 

  • I need sponsors for my project, can you help?
    I am experienced at building sponsorship packages and providing valuations of sponsorship packages based on industry standard metrics of assessment. I am also experienced in sponsor negotiation and contracting, having worked on large events such as music festivals and culinary festivals where sponsorship revenue is a key component. A large part of my work at IMG was defining sponsor rights (including tiers of sponsorship), valuing packages, and coming up with creative activations to weave brands in to the content of the event. Sometimes this might be partnering a brand like Intel with a chef like Gordon Ramsey for a technology led cooking workshop, or building a crystal Christmas tree for Swarovski. 

  • Can you do CAD?
    I can work with existing CAD files or build CAD files from scratch. I own up to date copies of AutoCAD and Vectorworks for these purposes. I have completed formal in-person training at the Vectorworks Academy in Maryland.

  • Can you do 3D design and rendering?
    Yes, take a look at this page to learn a bit more about my specific capabilities. I have completed formal in-person training at Vectorworks HQ in Maryland, which I believe to be the best software currently available for event design, production drawings and rendering.

  • Why don’t you have a CMP certificate?
    A Certified Meeting Professional handles a specific type of event project which I tend not to cover. I am however a member of several special event organizations that I feel are more relevant to my work, which I’m happy to share details of.

  • Can you help me sell tickets or build registrations for my project(s)?
    I have experience building ticket models and sales strategies for public events including festivals, as well as overseeing ticket and registration marketing campaigns, and managing ticket providers. Most, if not all ticket sales strategies require some degree of financial investment to help drive sales and I can also help define what this investment should look like based on experience and best practice.

  • Why should I hire you before hiring an agency?
    I tend to have three responses for this:

    1. I’m lower risk financially. I don’t roll in people or services you may not need, but can do so when and as appropriate.

    2. Depending on the project, you may not need an agency. It may be more cost effective to allow me to propose a freelance project team of specialists. You also have the option to pay suppliers directly and avoid any typical agency markups if required.

    3. Even if an agency is the right route, you may find it helpful to have an event expert write a detailed scope of work in language they understand, manage a bid process, and find the right agency for you. I can also be an independent resource in the management of that agency. I have a detailed knowledge of US and European agencies and their strengths, as well as many good relationships with those in DC and well beyond.

  • What is your business structure?
    I am a single member LLC registered in the state of Maryland.

  • I am a specialist that would like to work with you. Do you hire other freelancers?
    All the time. Send a resume to me via the contact page and let’s chat!

  • What is your dream project to organize?
    The first music festival on Mars featuring a headline slot from David Bowie (RIP). Call me, Elon.