ROLE:  Executive Producer

CLIENT:  Emerson Collective

YEAR:  2017 & 2018

LOCATION:  Washington, DC


Each year the Emerson Collective brings 400 staff to DC for talks, team building and civic engagement. In 2017 and 2018, I conceived and led the Emerson Collective Amazing Race, an immersive team game held over 3 hours which sees teams of 6 people armed with iPads racing to collect clues, solve puzzles and earn points.

In 2017 I designed the game to take place across the National Mall utilizing the many memorial sites and hidden areas to craft challenges that were facilitated by the iPad technology and custom challenge software.

In 2018, the Emerson Collective requested that the Amazing Race be re-imagined in the Smithsonian Museum of American History after-hours. With an amazing amount of content to draw from, I created a fun but challenging set of tasks for teams over the course of 2 hours. Some were led by live character actors and celebrity impersonators, where teams were challenged to learn a dance routine taught by Lady Gaga, and help Marty & Doc get Back to the Future!

After the game, the scores are tallied by remote moderators monitoring the action, and a video editing team swings in to action to turn around a highlights video in just 30 minutes to accompany the winners announcements and prize giving ceremony.

Despite the enormous logistical complexity of running a live game with such a large group featuring many moving pieces, the Amazing Race is enormous fun and has proved to itself to become the highlight of the Emerson Collective's trip to DC.